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Tumble Tykes with the assistant of their parents, this class is designed to get our tykes introduced to gymnastics. Class includes teacher led movement & music, tumbling obstacle course, sport skill, age appropriate adventure, bubbles and parachute play.

Tumble Tykes Transition is a structured parent and child class that focuses on the transition of the child into an independent class. With our teachers and parent working together, children will learn the basics of gymnastics, and focus on listening, following directions, and taking turns independently.

INDEPENDENT CLASSES: Children must be able to separate from parent/guardian. Parents are not allowed in room.

Gymnastics children will learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. They will utilize circuits and obstacle courses that include balance beam, bars, and Tumbl Trak becoming comfortable and gaining skills in all gymnastics events.

Combo incorporates beginner gymnastics and sports skills. In the gymnastics room, children will do a circuit that includes beam, bars, vault, and Tumbl Trak becoming comfortable and gaining skills in all gymnastics events. Children will then transition into the sports room where they will learn rules, strategies and fun of team sports. The sports featured in this class are soccer, basketball, baseball, football and hockey.

Sports/Tumble children will be introduced to basic fundamentals, rules, and strategies of soccer, basketball, baseball, football and hockey, through different drills and activities. Children will also do a gymnastics obstacle course that focuses on beginner tumbling skills.

Little Dragons/Ninja Warriors taught by Sensei Steve, students learn fundamental karate blocks, punches and kicks in addition to Ninja techniques in a twist on this ancient martial art. Class begins in the dojo and finishes with a Ninja Warrior obstacle course in the gymnastics room where students will work on mastering our very own Warped Wall (Gi is included with enrollment)

Pre-Team an introduction to basic tumbling fundamentals. Students will learn the proper techniques and execution of beginner tumbling skills. Class will be spent focusing on forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, and round-offs.

Pre-Team Advanced builds on the basic tumbling fundamentals learned in Pre Team. Tumbling focused on in this class are round-offs, back walkovers, and back handsprings with the overall focus being gaining power and connecting skills.

Ninja Warrior our very own twist on the ever popular America Ninja Warrior. Children will go through a variety of obstacle courses focusing on swinging, climbing, balance, tumbling, jumping and running, with the overall goal being to master our own Warped Wall.