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Pre-Team Gymnastics

This class is skill driven and designed for the more serious gymnast. There are 6 sessions in a year each featuring all 4 events of gymnastics, however, we willfocus on one event each session that will be showcased in a performance in the last class.  Students must test into class.

Beginner Pre Team
Ages 4-6 years, 6-9 years, 8-10 years 50 minute class 

This class incorporates the fundamentals of tumbling every week while rotating through the four events (floor, bars, beam, vault) every 2 weeks.
Focus is on correcting, encouraging and building skills

Advanced Pre Team
Ages 6-9 years, 8-10 years 70 minute class

Each class combines repetition of advanced tumbling with rotation of advanced skills in all four events (floor, bars, beam and vault). This class also involves strength and conditioning along with flexibility training.