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  I also wanted to tell you that Samantha is doing great in the new gymnastics class.  Thanks to your heads up, I was able to prepare her for the fact that the other kids are ahead.  She gets a little discouraged sometimes, but she is working really hard and making a lot of progress.  The teachers are all great, and having three of them is wonderful, because Samantha has gotten a lot of one-on-one time to help catch her up.  Miss Lauren sets a positive, encouraging tone, and Samantha loves her.
Rebecca. Pre-team Advanced
Kristen, Steve and RSG staff, We can’t thank you enough for the help with Katie’s backward roll! She passed it tonight!!!!! Working with you guys was such a great experience for her and gave her so much confidence going into tonight. She even taught another girl who was struggling how to do one! The head coach was so impressed that she asked for your contact information in case there are other girls who need support in the tumbling. I wanted to check with you to make sure that was ok – I assume I give the RSG email? Honestly, we so appreciate what you did for Katie and your flexibility in scheduling her in at the last minute. It was great to see you!
Jenn M. Gymnastics & gymnastics parent
Hi guys!, The reason behind this email is basically to let you all know how fantastic you are and how much Davey and I enjoy coming to you each week. I realized today that we’ve been with RSG for almost 2 years. This has been such a positive environment for Davey and he thinks the world of you all. Just now he informed me that Miss Jess is “totally beautiful and thinks she’s gonna be his new girlfriend” (I didn’t realize there was an old girlfriend lol) and then immediately asked if Mr. Deloury could sleep over. I think its safe to say hes cool with transitioning into the bigger kid class! He ADORES you guys and talks about RSG all the time. Miss Celeste and Miss Kristen still hold more power than Santa Claus and no one is cooler than Mr. Steve. You’ve been very good to us, and i just wanted to thank you all for the amazing job you do everyday. I’m sure it’s not always easy, but you are entirely appreciated in our world!!
Melissa G. sports tumble & gymnastics parent
RSG is an amazing community full of friendly and qualified staff. When I walked in the door with my 14 month old son almost 5 years ago, I had no idea that it would become such a big part of our lives. Two more kids and we are still there and our oldest is now enrolled in Karate! Every one of my kids is excited when gym or karate day comes around! They are so warmly greeted and can’t wait to have some fun! The equipment, viewing room and bathrooms are so well kept and clean. We are blessed to have found such a wonderful place to love and nurture our family. #whyweloveRSG #5stars 
Theresa T. tumble tykes and karate parent
The whole Hemmerdinger family love it at RSG because they make you feel like one of the family. My girls can’t wait to get there and have fun. All the staff are always warm and friendly and make your day better than it was when you walked in.
Sally H. gymnastics parent
So I’m trying to feed Davey dinner and I cannot stop laughing. I ask him what he wants to eat, and all he keeps doing is repeating all of the things that we pick out of the tree during circle time to put in our buckets. Then he yells “freeze and tah-daaaahhhhhhh” all in his high chair.He absolutely will not be serious at all and keeps screaming about fruit!! hahahahaha To say he loves you guys is a total understatement! 
Melissa G. tumble tyke parent
My 2 1/2 year old son, John, has been in the Tumble Tykes program for almost a year. He loves it, as do I. The staff is amazing and very caring. This summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn’t bring John to his classes. Celeste held his spot and also gave me a credit towards the Fall session. This meant so much to me, as when I am feeling good, we love coming to class. John has really improved the last few weeks and is more independent. I have recommended your facility to many friends. Keep up the awesome job!
Heather G. tumble tyke parent
Davey absolutely LOVES tumble tykes and you’re fantastic. I think it’s really good for him. He loves it so much. Everyone at RSG is fantastic- I can’t say enough about you all.
Melissa G. tumble tyke parent
Since we’ve had to move away and join gymnastics here locally, I’ve noticed that it’s not even as close to being as awesome as you all are. Jonnathan and I miss you very much. I hope you realize how great you guys are at what you do. Classes are so age appropriate and you have an incredible grasp on the developmental level of your students. You always seem to be having just as much fun as the kids. You work really hard to keep class fun, entertaining, and fresh.
Nikki I. tumble tyke parent
Everyone has done such an extraordinary job of making them feel special. Of all the places, classes, and groups that we participate in, Tumble Tykes has stood out in that I know Hunter and Morgan get personal and loving attention (which is harder to come by for identical twins!)
Michelle C. tumble tyke parent
The party was absolutely perfect – teachers did such a great job of keeping the kids happy, running around, engaged and laughing.  I got a ton of compliments from both parents whose kids already go to RSG that they “loved the party”, and a few friends whose kids hadn’t been before were really impressed.  Really excellent experience!  Will definitely recommend RSG for a party venue – great for all ages.  Thx for making it such a memorable party!  
Elisabeth O. tumble tyke party
It was awesome! I was at a birthday party the previous weekend and I was shocked at how the party facilitators were not involved and appeared as if they wanted to be anywhere else but there (yawning and constantly checking their watches). It made me realize how truly spectacular you guys are, with the abundance of energy and enthusiasm – lets face it that can make or break the party!! YOU exceeded my expectations (as always) and there is truly NO OTHER better place to have a party. So thank you thank you thank you!
Stacey F. 5 yr old party
I thought it was very well done!  The girls that ran it were AMAZING!  They had a ton of energy and enthusiasm and did a phenomenal job keeping things moving smoothly!  I love how they worked as a team so the kids never had to wait for the next activity.  Both girls were very helpful cleaning up and setting up! 
Stacy D. 7 yr old party
Ready, Set, Go has been one of the best experiences for our family. The space is colorful, clean, and safe. The staff is extremely outgoing, caring, and creative with set ups and keeping the kids engaged. You can feel the warmth coming from the instructors as they truly care about each child and family coming through that door. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Danielle F. tumble tyke parent
The birthday party went awesome. Kai and his friends had a such blast! I cannot think of anything that could make it better. We are so impressed with the staff how they kept the children engaged and all the kids were smiling the entire time. Thank you so much for such a memorable party.
Helen W. 5 yr old party
I was so impressed with how professional your staff handled the b-day and children’s behavior. They were enthusiastic and give clear rules and expectations. Other parents like the fact that we were the only ones in the place, so it guaranteed more privacy.
Kretcha R. 9 year old party
Everyone had a wonderful time!!  As always, the staff was professional and made the party a lot of fun for all the kids!  A few of my friends who attended had never been there before, and want to join.  A few of us want to sign all of our kids up for the summer camps together so they know other kids in the class to have fun with.  We had a small group (10 kids), so they went through the cake & ice cream pretty quick.  They all came up to me and asked if they could go back into the play areas and continue having fun!! Thanks for a great day!!!  Hope to see you all real soon.
Laura L. 5 year old party
The party was great and you guys do a great job! Miss Becky and Miss Alexa are so good at engaging the children and also making the birthday girl feel extra special. I would highly recommend RSG to others for parties and classes, and will certainly spread the good word. Thanks for a fantastic experience.
Andrea K. 4 year old party
Oh My Goodness! Jax had the most UNBELIEVABLE time! I can’t thank the Ready Set Go team for making his birthday so much fun! Ms. Becky & Mr. Deloury were absolutely wonderful. They truly made Jax feel like the STAR SUPERHERO! Jax’s friend’s parents were very impressed and were even talking about it today at school. The kids were engaged, laughing, smiling…. having the best time. I’ve been to a few “gym” parties around here and where we used to live in Washington State, and The Ready Set Go team and facility far exceeded those! THANK YOU!!! With both Jax and Miles, I’m sure we will be having many more parties with RSG!!!
Danielle L. 4 year old party
RSG & Staff! A HUGE thank you from the Ternullo family for giving Nicolas the best 4th birthday ever! His smile the entire time was priceless! Everyone had a blast and your staff is amazing!  Thanks again!
Michelle T. 4 yr old birthday party
Billy’s been going here for almost 2 years and he loves it : )
Sandy R. son attends classes
Allison’s party was great!! All of the children had an amazing time. The instructors were great, and so good with the kids. They were very helpful with every aspect of the party. It was the best party Allison has ever had. I will recommend RSG to my friends. I have no negative feedback, everything was perfect. Thank you so much 🙂 
Amy R. 6 yr old party
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amzing job your staff did at our sons birthday party. My children had a wonderful day and I know the other guests who attended also loved the party.  From the moment we arrived your wonderful staff took care of everything.  I was actually able to relax and enjoy myself by just watching all the activity!  The teachers were incredible with the children.  I was so impressed with there energy level and their kind and caring approach with the children. Despite that there were 23 children they had complete control of the room.  The environment was clean and safe and the overall experience exceeded any expectations.  I will absolutely be back!  Thank you again.
Katy G. 5 yr old & 7 yr old party
Hello! My daughters had the BEST time this morning. Thank you so much! My husband said that as soon as he got in the car, they asked if they could go back. I can’t tell you how happy we are that they had a great morning. Thank you for providing such a fun and nurturing environment. 
Kristen A. 2 daughters attended camp
It was so great to have Blanca’s party there at Ready, Set, Go!  I couldn’t be happier with the facility, activities and staff!  The teachers did such a great job with the group of children at our party and were so on top of things, it made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  This was by far the most fun Blanca or I have ever had at a party.  I can not THANK YOU enough!
Maria S. 6 yr old party