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Our Story & Mission

“Our mission is to provide a safe and educational environment where children can strengthen both mind and body while learning self-confidence and personal motivation. Our goal is to teach and instill fitness and life skills in children to be carried on into adulthood”

-Kristen and Steve Dionne

Our kids fitness story began long before Ready, Set, Go. Steve was teaching kids karate at the Atkinson Dojo and I was teaching classes at Gymboree and MY GYM.
There was an opportunity for us to work together teaching children’s fitness at the Boston Sports Club in Andover. We gladly took the positions and helped create and develop curriculum for gymnastics, sports, parent tot classes and birthday parties. We taught every class, birthday and special event and our club quickly became the #1 sports club for kids in the region.
Needless to say, corporate bureaucracy got in the way of personal growth and was stifling our desire to do more. This is when Ready, Set, Go was born.
In April 2002, we started out renting space on a basketball court at Good News Fitness (Northmeadow) in Tewksbury. All of our equipment had to be stored in a huge closet on the side of the court. Everyday we would arrive 3 hours before the start of the 1st class to make sure we had enough time to take all the equipment out, set it up and sanitize it.
Thankfully, we had a following of many wonderful families who supported us along the way all of which stuck with us as we moved to our own space and celebrated the blessing with us.
In September 2002 we moved to a plaza in Lawrence just over the Andover line. Here we were able to grow and really provide the service we had envisioned, and in January 2002, Dionne’s Karate school was born. Ready, Set, Go and Dionne’s Karate continued to grow and evolve over the next seven years.
Unfortunately, the building we were in slowly became dilapidated and in 2008 had a major flood. Luckily there was vacant space in the same plaza that wasn’t affected by the flood. We moved into that space as quickly as possible. The situation with the building only got worse and was hindering our growth as a business and stealing our desire, passion, and dream as individuals.
For two years we searched for a new home for Ready, Set, Go and in July 2010 started renovations at our current location in Methuen. With great pride and enthusiasm we had our grand re-opening in September 2010.
Gratefully, we made it through some rough times with the flood and the economy and sustained our dream while others faltered. With our passion and great determination we persevered and have come to where we are today…happy, healthy, and living our dreams.
Thank you to all of our valued and loyal customers who have been and still are the driving force behind our success. You and your children are the reason we love what we do and we are truly blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you. Thank you for being part of our dream.